Stereotactic Radiotherapy For Breast Cancer

Addressing Today’s Clinical Challenges

Oncologists have made great strides in battle against breast cancer.  However, the duration of treatment, process of care, side effects and invasiveness of current treatment options are challenges worth overcoming.  GammaPod is a new solution that is designed to provide highly conformal, noninvasive treatments with the potential to shorten the course of radiotherapy and limit doses to the whole breast, heart and lungs.

A Specialized Tool for a Specialized Patient Population

Breast cancer typically represents 25% or more of patient volumes in most radiation oncology clinics.

Isn’t it time to treat these patients with a radiotherapy tool that has been painstakingly optimized to expertly treat a target in the breast?  Every patient is unique and deserves specialized care.


Built for Value-Based Healthcare

GammaPod was built to change the way providers manage breast cancer at a time when our health care system is demanding greater value.

Health care, and especially cancer care, is transitioning to payment models that promote high quality care at lower per-capita costs while achieving high levels of patient satisfaction. With this in mind, GammaPod offers cancer programs a new option for early stage breast cancer patients.


See the system that gives radiation oncologists and breast surgeons the opportunity to forge new collaborations to manage early stage breast cancer.

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The GammaPod system has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.
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