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GammaPod: A Powerful New Treatment Option

GammaPod is the first and only external beam radiation treatment system specifically designed and optimized to treat breast cancer.  GammaPod is a form of stereoactic radiotherapy, also referred to as stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) that delivers a highly focused dose of radiation to only the affected area of the breast.  The unique dose delivery system enables GammaPod to focus the radiation on the target and minimize the dose to surrounding healthy tissue and critical organs.


GammaPod Stereotactic Radiotherapy: How does it work?

  • Patients treated on GammaPod receive a new and up-to-date treatment plan for each day of radiotherapy. 

  • On each day of treatment, you receive a CT scan so your oncologist can define the affected area to be treated.

  • For imaging and treatment, you will be moved from the standing to prone position (back facing up) on an automated table that is designed to maximize patient comfort.  In the prone position, the affected breast naturally falls away from the chest wall and improves the ability of your oncologist to avoid the heart and lungs.

  • During the procedure, you are fitted with a breast cup immobilization device.  This system is noninvasive and designed to restrict breast motion so the physician can prescribe and deliver your treatment with a high degree of precision and accuracy. 

  • While the target is being irradiated, you will not hear or feel the radiation.

  • Following GammaPod treatment, you will be returned to the standing position and the breast cup is removed.

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The GammaPod system has received 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration.
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